What Is Carrageenan

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December 20, 2016
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What Is Carrageenan

Have you heard of carrageenan? It’s an ingredient that’s made from red seaweed and function like a food thickener. The word originates from a species of seaweed that’s also known as “Irish Moss” in England as well as Carriage in Ireland.


Since 400 A.D. this ingredient has been used in Ireland as both a gelatin and home remedy used to cure colds and coughs.


Is this food product safe? It’s been used for centuries. Also, scientists have reviewed/approved it for being used in foods. Lower versions of the product can be harmful to humans, but the good news is they’re not used in food.


This is very important because it shows that the food-grade version of the red seaweed is safe to eat. So you don’t have to worry about reports that warn about the product because it’s referring to the non-edible versions.


What’s the proof that the food is safe to eat? Various professionals have reviewed food-grade red seaweed products and have reported that it’s a safe food. There also have been no limits placed on the food. The group was an international panel that reviewed data and recommendations regarding food ingredients.


So you don’t have to worry about eating the plant-based food. Not only that, but you also don’t have to worry about eating too much of it. What’s critical is to make sure you’re eating food-grade quality versions of the red seaweed product. That will help to prevent any problems.


The bottom line is that professional scientists have verified that Carraigin is safe to eat because it contains the food-grade quality of the red seaweed. This will help to keep you safe and secure whenever you eat the food product. As always it’s important to read reports from reliable sources before determining whether or not a certain food is healthy to eat.

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