Instagram marketing for photographers

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January 10, 2017
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January 10, 2017

Instagram marketing for photographers

Most of the photographers are using Instagram to advertise their work. It bodes well, considering Instagram is a prominent social media application with more than 150 million clients. It’s likewise one of the least demanding photograph and video sharing stages: You basically post a square photograph or video and include labeling, inscribing, or both. At that point, other Instagram clients can like your photograph, include remarks, and impart it to their companions. Also, every post you transfer to Instagram will appear in your followers’ feeds, unlike Facebook.




Each time you post a photograph, include a series of hashtags (up to 30 at a minimum) to increase the exposure on your posts. Your hashtags will vary upon the photograph; however here are a couple of choices to consider.


  1. Location
  2. Type of Photography
  3. Location and Type
  4. Your Equipment
  5. Your Brand



When you post a customer’s photograph on Instagram, label them by giving @ followed by their profile name. This will guarantee that they see the photograph, on the off chance that they are not officially following you on IG. The customer can then like the photograph, make a comment, and impart it to their companions by simply giving their companions’ profile names in the comments column down below the photograph.



By sharing any of the picture or images from your blog post, you can promote your blog page herein through Instagram. “Link in profile” option in the caption helps to direct people to your blog page.



Share at a minimum one photograph a week; however, abstain from posting an excessive number of photographs. One to two photographs for each day works best. Make certain to transfer your best work; you need individuals who follow your Instagram feed to be wowed by your photography.



Ensure your profile contains your blog address or site. Some photographers additionally list their email address to make it simple for potential customers to get in touch with them. Keep your biodata to 150 characters or less, and set your profile to public.


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