Best Maintenance Tips for Car Batteries

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December 31, 2016
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Best Maintenance Tips for Car Batteries

Do you want to keep your car/truck battery running as smooth as silk? If so then it’s important to maintain your Power Genix Systems unit as effectively as possible. Here are some helpful tips:


  1. Use distilled water to fill the battery

This is an important step to take before you charge the battery. The reason is it reduces the space for the build-up of gas. This is one of the various ways to improve the efficiency of your auto battery.


  1. Charge the battery with the caps on

What’s this all about? Today’s batteries have something called “spark-arrestors,” which are shields to keep external flames from getting to the air space.


If you charge your battery with the water fill caps off instead of on it works against these safety features. There are various benefits of sealed acid batteries. They have gas-recycling traits, little space for gas storage, and no method for flames to reach the gas.


  1. Rock charger clips to terminals

This will help to remove corrosion. In the case that there’s corrosion material it can reduce the flow of charge or cause terminal heating.


  1. Keep certain liquids and gasses from the battery

This includes flammable liquids and gasses from the energy source. That’s because it can cause a world of trouble.


  1. Cover the caps with a wet cloth

Make sure to take this basic step before you start charging your battery. It will help to prevent the chance for fire to get into the battery if there’s a shortage within the terminals.


  1. Keep metal objects away from the battery

Make sure that the items aren’t put over the battery. That will help to prevent the terminal from shorting. Again, this is a situation you’ll certainly want to avoid to keep your auto battery up and running.


These tips can help your Power Genix Systems battery to work as effectively as possible.


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